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The  Multiple Listing® : The best way to sell your property!

Multiple Listing® is an exclusive exclusive way to "multi-broadcast" your propoerty to all the up to 500 real estate agents connected to the French Riviera SIA-MLS platform.

Each and every one of agents are engaged within the MLS Commitment Charter to collaborate to the sale of shared listings. The list of these agents is available and updated continuously on the website www.emulis.net.

Signing a Multiple Listing® contract with Cimiez Boulevard, and your property will be immediately listed to all other agencies of the SIA-MLS.

Therfore, all agents will have the opportunity to offer your property to their selected customers, and thus ensure the largest diffusion and visiblity on the market of your property.
However, you will retain a single point in the person of Cimiez Boulevard, and throughout the term.

The Mandat Multiple® contract offers you all the advantages of simple listing and exclusive listing contracts, without their disadvantages !

Signing a Multiple Listing®, Cimiez Boulevard agrees to :

  • Broadcast your property for all agencies SIA-MLS, and within 48 hours after its conclusion.
  • Check the reliability and accuracy of information on the property to be sold, befire sharing it on the SIA-MLS platform.
  • Facilitate visits and communication of information relating to property with prospective purchasers presented by SIA-MLS members.
  • Forward you without delay all written purchase offers submitted by prospective buyers presented by SIA-MLS members.

Signing a Multiple Listing® with Cimiez Boulevard, this is the guarantee of a transaction carried out in the best time, at the best price.